Atlantis Fantasyworld:
the lost set for "The Lost Boys"

The original location of the Atlantis Fantasyworld comic book shop was the comic book shop owned by the Frog Brothers' parents in the 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys. The store was destroyed in the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 and has changed locations twice since then.

In this still, you can see a bit of our shop in the background.


Candid photos from the set...

Joe goofing around between takes at the pinball machine

The crew preparing a string of hanging lights.

Joe's sage advice being questioned by his partner, Jim.

The fellow on the left with the long hair is director Joel Schumacher.

A set never used in the final cut of the film.

Laughing Sal.

The pinball machines that Joe played in his "BIG SCENE" in the movie.

A quiet moment during setup.

Friends of The Lost Boys

Jessica - all the way from England

Darren - all the way from London, England

Breezy and Dean - all the way from the UK

Thiago and Giovanni - all the way from Italy

The sisterhood of the Traveling Vamps

John and Courtney from Mississippi

Stephanie and Keiran from Australia

Erwin - all the way from Holland!

Beth and Matt from Des Moines

Jennifer and Stacey from West Virginia

Carlo from Switzerland, Thomas from Belgium, and Matt from Switzerland!

Dave Williams from Wales

Amy and Kevin from South Shields, England

Kasey Dean from Placerville, California

John from Tampa, Florida

Megan McClain from California

Gemmy & David from Bristol, England


More about the film

To learn more about the film, click on any of these links...

Santa Cruz Sentinal Extra article about the 20th anniversary of the film

Dark Destinations: GPS Location and set data

Internet Movie Database Listing (read about it, or watch a preview)

Read Sean McCourt's article for its 20th anniversary in SantaCruzLive

  Oh, and by the way,
we sell copies of the DVD at our store!


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