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Questions and Answers


Q: I am a Waldorf teacher and I am looking for wholesome, nonviolent, comic books for kids. Do you have anything like earth heroes or progressive nonviolent types of comic books?

A: You bet! The closest thing to earth heroes that has been produced for a younger reader was a Marvel comic book called Captain Planet and the Planeteers. It was based on the animated tv show created by Ted Turner in 1990 aimed at raising awareness of enviornmental issues. The show was canceled in 1996. You can go to for more info.
Captain Planet

The best of the non violent comics we recommend for young readers are: Jeff Smith's Bone (,

Linda Medley's Castle Waiting (no current website)
Castle Waiting

and Mike Kunkel's Herobear and the Kid (
Herobear and the Kid

There are others but these should get you started. Not only are these books delightful but so are their creators. I especially like Mike Kunkel's company motto "Remember your childhood....and pass it on".

Questions and Answers

Laura at the Gault Elemntary School library in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Q: Do you think the Mouse Guard graphic novel is apprpriate for young children?
A: Great question, Laura. Mouse Guard has appeared on many recommendation lists for young readers. However, there are dark elemnts to this story. For example, the mice survive at one point by killing a bird that is attacking them, an event which some young children may find very disturbing. For this reason, we do not rack this book in our children's section. I think this book is better suited for your young adult readers.




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