From our captain, Joe Ferrara. Thanks for visiting us online.
Have fun wandering around our website, but don't stop there...
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Joe attended Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego! Here are some of Joe's photos from the convention:

The Judges of the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award.
(From Left to Right) Tate Ottati, last year's recipient, Keith Knight, creator of the K Chronicles, Steve Stoughton, Director of Purchasing at Diamond, Carla Speed McNeal, creator of Finder, Paul Levitz, writer of Legion of Superheroes and Libby Field, owner of Flying Colors and Other Cool Stuff.

Star Wars Pavilion

Odin's Throne from next year's Thor movie!

Bumblebee, the Transformer

Retailers from all over the country, listening to a discussion about digital retailing

Joe was interviewed by David Steinberger of and you can listen to it here:

Joe was interviewed at Comic-Con for NPR!

Joe was interviewed regarding Archie's engagement to Veronica for NPR!

This is Joes digital scrapbook in the making...
(we promise, we'll start filling this with fun stuff soon!)

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