Friends of Atlantis

Over the last 20 years, our shop and staff had made many friends, both industry and otherwise. In some cases, you can click on their name to go their personal websites...

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding any of the friends listed here,
please contact us at:



Joe with Carrie and Marty Nodell,
creator of Green Lantern


Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada
of Supernatural Law





Scott Shaw!, Bill Morrison, and Atlantis friend Scott Nichols

Scott Shaw!


Bill Willingham, writer of Fables

Bob Hamilton has supplied Atlantis with posters since 1977!


Atlantis friend Paloma
with Mike Kunkel,
creator of Hero Bear and the Kid

Noel Neill, the first Lois Lane


Sergio Aragones,
the World's Greatest Living Cartoonist

Terry Moore,
creator of Strangers in Paradise


Terry Moore, Batton Lash,
Jason Lethcoe, creator of Zoom's Academy and Mike Kunkel

Joe with Wendi and Richard Pini



Treasure hunting at Atlantis


Dottie with Stan Freberg
Dottie with Stan Freberg
 David Mack
David Mack - "Comics are like the Rock and Roll of Literature"

Jamaica Dyer, former Atlantis staff member and creator of Weird Fishes





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