For every $10 spent (excluding sales tax and shipping) you earn one Atlantis Dollar. These dollars can then be used as dollar-off coupons towards specially marked merchandise; use them for up to half off the total cost of an Atlantis Classic and up to the total cost of an Atlantis Treasure.

Atlantis dollars are worth double on Mondays,
and are worth triple on the following Triple Dollar Days:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Presidents Day
Easter Weekend
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Colombus Day
Veteran's Day
End of the Year



Atlantis Treasure Program - Available In Store exclusively.

Atlantis Treasures may only be purchased with Atlantis Dollars.
California residents must include an 9.5% sales tax.

Redeem Atlantis Dollars for up to the purchase price (excluding sales tax) on items designated as in-store Atlantis Treasures.

Atlantis Classics Program - Available In Store exclusively

Use Atlantis Dollars for up to 50% of the full purchase price of items designated as Atlantis Classics.

Atlantis Birthday Program - Available In Store exclusively

On your birthday, use your Atlantis Dollars on anything in the store! Atlantis Dollars may be used for up to 50% of the full purchase price of any comic or graphic novel, and for one dollar off any other item. (Yes, you must show your I.D.)

Annual Holiday Fundraiser

Receive one Atlantis Dollar for every dollar of US currency donated in the month of December. All money donated is divided evenly among the following non profit associations:

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Family Service Association, Santa Cruz
Friends of the Santa Cruz State Parks
Planned Parenthood, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Diversity Center
Santa Cruz AIDS Project
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History
Santa Cruz Women's Health Center
Walnut Avenue Women's Center



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